The Emotion Comes Before The Solution

“When something unwanted manifests you all want to jump in with both feet to fix it with action.

But you didn’t create it with action, you created it with vibration.

You don’t have to take the action, you can deal with it vibrationally.

So let’s do some doors … 

So “All in good time”.

Next door “I’m figuring some things out.”

Next door “It’s a sure thing, the timing I’m not so sure about but that’s ok.”

Next door “Boy it’s going to be really exciting when this happens.”

Next door …. 

Just keep reaching for the emotion, don’t look for the solution before you find the emotion.

Find the emotion which allows the solution.

But when you find the emotion now you’re not looking for the solution because the emotion is the manifestation that you’re looking for and then what you call the solution isn’t really a solution to a problem because the problem is no longer active within you and so it’s just the  next logical step.

Did you get all of that ? That was really good !”

– Abraham Hicks   ❤️  

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*Image by Leonhard Niederwimmer on Pixabay*





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