You’re Supposed To Thrive

“Desire in the absence of resistance accomplishes what you want to call miracles. We want to call it desire, in the absence of resistance!” If you knew it… if you wanted it and knew that you could. That’s those miracles that they talk about. They’re not miracles at all, they are the natural order of … Read more

Prepare For What You Want

“I’ve been wanting to move to Seattle for about a year. I love the North West, I love the mountains, the feeling I get when I see the sunrise coming over the cascades and watch it set behind the Olympics. And beautiful Puget Sound and the smell of the air and the evergreens. I’ve lived … Read more

Start Telling The Story

“To really get what’s over here in your Vibrational Escrow, to get the abundance that is there, millions and millions of dollars, already gathered for you… To get the things you want, the clarity, the life experiences, the fulfillment, the sense of who you are… …it is such a short vibrational distance from where you … Read more


“Who you are is an energy flowing being, who looks endlessly for objects of attention. The Nonphysical Energy that is your birthright must be flowing through you if you are to experience the joy that is natural to you. In moments of love, or moments of eagerness, or moments of pleasure, or moments of fun, … Read more

Elevated Success

“The achievement of anything that you desire must be considered success, whether it is a trophy or money or relationships or things. But if you will let your standard of success be your achievement of joy—everything else will fall easily into place. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the … Read more

About Your Future

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Time, in other words, is an illusion.” – Albert Einstein 💫 🌏 ✨ Did you know that throughout history Oracles … Read more

Quantum Movie “I Am Ready”

So what’s a Quantum Movie?​  💫 🌏 ✨ Simply put, it’s one of the most powerful visualization tools ever created allowing you to SUPERCHARGE your way to reaching your goals and desires faster than you could possibly imagine. A Quantum movie is a 3-7 minute video. It’s a snapshot of your perfect life that allows you to see … Read more