Join Us On The Brain-A-Thon

This Saturday, New York Times best selling author and one of the stars of The Secret John Assaraf will be joined by 6 other law of attraction and brain experts ( such as Lisa Nichols and Jack Canfield ) to reveal the most powerful new techniques to let go of limiting beliefs, fears, or self-esteem issues … Read more

Join Us This Saturday

“Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that’s the law of attraction. You become what you think about most, but you … Read more

Brush and Prime

One of the main problems we encounter when we try and form new and empowering habits is consistency. We are hardwired as human beings to resist change. We prefer the comfort of “what we know.” But if we want to create change and improved experiences in our lives what are the best ways to get … Read more

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

How do you find your life’s purpose ? What if you have no idea or even know where to begin ? “The Secret’s” John Assaraf shares his method and how he teaches his clients and friends to do it. “A lot of times we get caught up in seeing what other people’s life purpose is and … Read more

Why You Should Visualize Your Success

Have You Ever Wondered Why Most Highly Successful People Visualize Their Success In Advance….And Even The Obstacles That May Get In Their Way ? “The Secret’s” John Assaraf shares the latest brain science research that shows how, with just 3-5 minutes a day of focus and visualization, we can get our creative cells working for … Read more

Why spiritually + science = wealth and success (new free training)

Give us 60 Minutes and We’ll Show You How Using The Law of Attraction To Combine Spirituality and Self-Image with Science Leads to Greater Wealth and Success. Check out this all new Masterclass hosted by The Secret’s John Assaraf. It’s 100% free and the best part about this training is that it’s “on-demand” so you can watch it right … Read more

How to kickstart success with one simple exercise

“It all started off with taking responsibility, no blame, no shame, no guilt, no justification, no embarrassment. Taking responsibility for my piece of that story and getting clear on exactly what i wanted to achieve. And because I didn’t want to recreate that story, I became something different.” Check out the short 5 minute video … Read more

Why Worrying is a Wasted Emotion

Worry… We all feel it to some degree every day. Whether it’s worrying about ourselves, work, career, family or friends. Some would even say that a certain amount of worry is good for us, after all it keeps us away from certain dangerous situations. But if you let worry take a hold of you and … Read more

Make Your Goals Easier To Achieve

The problem we sometimes have with achieving goals is that our end result seems so big and far away that we can get overwhelmed and lose hope. But what if all we had to do was commit to one single step at a time, rather than trying to achieve our goals all in one go. In this … Read more

How Your Past Can Help You Succeed

Sometimes it just seems that the baggage from our past is just so heavy that it keeps us from moving forward. But what if everything we’ve been through in our past has really  been designed to help us to where we REALLY want to be and are supposed to be. In this short video from … Read more