Frankenstein or Einstein ?

Do you ever wonder why we are so negative at times ? Well maybe it’s something that our brain has evolved with to actually keep us safe. Which in our hunter-gatherer days was pretty crucial. Saved us from being eaten by a wooly mammoth lol. But nowadays those automatic, fear based responses are not as good … Read more

Some Self Talk

If you are one of those people that feels like their mind just takes over and at times you have no control over it. That you’d like to be able to focus on positive thoughts but can’t really get them to stick. Sometimes the problem is that we try and make too big a jump. … Read more

Lift Your Limits

“You have been using your limitedness to help you FOCUS!  It’s as if you say : “Don´t need to think about all THOSE things- I can only afford THAT. Don´t need to think about all those vacations- I can´t afford to go, anyway. Don´t need to think about investing all that money, I don´t have … Read more

Logic vs Emotion

Do you ever have the problem of not being able to choose between your brain and your heart ? When your mind is telling you one thing and your instinct is telling you another ? Which do you trust ? Which do you follow ? In this video exercise from The Secret’s John Assaraf, another of … Read more

Your Own “GPS” Genius

Did you know that your brain has it’s own “GPS” that guides you to the things you really want in your life ? In this video exercise from The Secret’s John Assaraf, another of his awesome Innercise series he shows you how to access this powerful part of your brain to help you achieve your goals. … Read more

Just Chill Out

“If you could stop being unhappy about the situation, that´s causing you to change, to get to it! …AHHHH, THERE IT IS. Instead you wanna BLESS this resistance, because THAT is what´s gonna help, to make the change in you. That´s getting you alll the way, to this things that you want-to all, that you want to … Read more