You’ve Got To Offer A Signal

 “You’ve got to offer a signal about what you want, not about the absence of what you want.” The problems that you are attempting to obliterate are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bolder. It does not work. When you go general, there is so much that you want, that is right on target. … Read more

Are You Allowing ?

“WHAT IS ALLOWING? Allowing is your alignment. Period. That’s all! Allowing isn´t tolerating. Allowing isn´t putting up with something. Allowing is…. I’m allowing my connection, even though you’re having a fit right now. I’m allowing my connection, even though money is tight! I’m allowing myself to feel good….. Even though there are conditions in the … Read more

The Illusion Can Be Whatever You Choose

“Everything that you see is illusionary, anyway. And the illusion can be whatever you choose it to be. Why would you practice any thought ( and anytime you’re thinking it, you’re practicing it ) Why would you seek to gain momentum on disks you don’t want to live on or rendezvous with? That’s like… that’s … Read more

Your Problems

“In every solution, there was first a poignant, and FABULOUS problem! Solutions are born out of awarenesses of problems. In other words, if you don´t allow yourself to explore the range of it, then you don´t get very far down the road! There are a lot of things that you all have convinced yourself, that … Read more