Solve The Feeling Of Lack

“Everything is about now. There isn’t anything more than now. Because you can’t perceive beyond now. You can look back at past but you’re doing it now. And you can look forward to the future but you’re doing it now. So it’s just this eternal now. And from your point of view, we want to … Read more

Just One Minute Of Focus

“In every moment you’re moving towards something and the question is …. “How do I feel ?” And if the answer is …. “Not that good.” Then we would suggest that you make an effort here and now, which is all you can do, to begin leaning in the other direction. And do you know, … Read more

Just Let It Be

“So you talk about focusing on what you want and I have a confusion about …. Do you need to do that or can you just let things be ?” Check out the awesome quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham Hicks “ Just Let Things Be.”  ✅ 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫  P.S. How would you like … Read more

Make a Decision What You Will Attract

“I don’t where I’m going to get the money but I’m going ( to this seminar ). Made a decision that I was going, didn’t know where the money was gonna come from. Didn’t care.” Check out this awesome quick story of how this lady used law of attraction and the power of making a … Read more

You Have To Feel Satisfied

“We want to bring you to the place of understanding the importance of figuring out how to feel satisfied now. And this is the essence of what we want to talk with you about because you’ve got to be satisfied in order to be vibrationally ready for the evolution of your desire. You’ve got to … Read more