Your Point of Power is Now

“Your point of power is in the present! Because this is, where you have the power to define and to achieve your vibrational point of attraction, to which everything else responds. Your point of power is here and now. It´s not down the road, when your lover comes. It´s not down the road, when your financial situation … Read more

How To Attract Exactly Who You Need

Our friend and renowned energy healer Jeffrey Allen gives a powerful technique to identify and connect with whoever we are needing to appear in our lives right now. Jeffrey explains how this technique works across any area of life and is a powerful energetic shortcut to connecting with people. Jeffrey is hosting an awesome Mindvalley … Read more

The Stream

Do you ever feel like you’re paddling upstream ? Like you’re bucking the current and that the stream of life is beating you up as you go down ? Like things should be easier, more ease, more flow ?   Check out today’s video from Abraham-Hicks on how to turn and go with the stream … Read more

How To Achieve Lasting Change

What if, when it comes to personal growth we could put in half the effort and get twice the results just by understanding the power of our subconscious beliefs. And more importantly, knowing how to change them. In this short video our friend, bestselling author and motivational speaker, Marisa Peer talks about how to achieve lasting change by … Read more

Find The Essence Of It

“The having of an experience comes after you vibrationally achieve the essence of it. The essence of it is the vibration of it. The experience of it is the manifestation of it. So the essence of it is finding the feeling place of it. So when we say find the feeling place of a relationship, … Read more

Why We Need To Praise Ourselves

“Praise massively boosts your self esteem and your own praise is massively more effective than someone else’s.” Bestselling author and motivational speaker, Marisa Peer is a world-renowned hypnotherapist and has worked with everyone from the Royal Family to Hollywood A-listers. In this short video she talks bout the importance of praising ourselves. Marissa is hosting … Read more

5 Minutes to Reprogram Your Mind

“Most people don’t realise that they are listening to themselves say negative things about 70,000 times a day. There are some research studies that show it’s higher than that. And the other thing that’s more startling is they’re mostly repetition. They’re the same thoughts. They’re things like…. “I’m not good enough.” “It’s not gonna work … Read more

Let It Be a Feeling Game

“The thing that we want you to understand is, through all this sorting and sifting, you have done all the asking. You have made all the decisions, one at a time, and they’re all in your vortex and they’re all queued up. You’ve done the work. Now your work is to play on the beach. … Read more