Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also called tapping, is a series of techniques that are used to help rid people of physical pain and emotional issues.

Why Diets Never Work & What To Do Instead

Bestselling author and motivational speaker, Marisa Peer, has a very different and highly effective approach to weight loss. With a background in fitness and nutrition, Marisa teaches simple mind hacks that produce life-changing results. Marisa advocates that diets alone don’t work – for many people, dieting and exercising are not enough lose weight and cure … Read more

Train Your Brain To Do What You Want

We tend to think of mind and body as two different entities. We always hear people talk about the power of thought and we know that the human brain is a powerful organ. However, but many of us aren’t aware of how much the mind, through deliberate training, is capable of influencing your physical response … Read more

The Strange Morning Habit Of Highly Successful People

Bestselling author and motivational speaker, Marisa Peer is a world-renowned hypnotherapist and has worked with everyone from the Royal Family to Hollywood A-listers. In this short video she shares one of the things she has noticed from her work that sets the most successful people apart. Marissa is hosting an awesome Mindvalley Masterclass on “Instant … Read more

4 Ways To Form A Partnership With Your Brain

What messages do you send to your brain on a daily basis? The way we talk to ourselves can radically change our everyday experience, and in this video, Marisa Peer explains a simple technique to start collaborating with your own mind — instead of working against it ! A bestselling author and motivational speaker, Marisa … Read more

Tantra: “The Art Of Sacred Sexuality”

World-renowned sexuality and intimacy coach Psalm Isadora’s  amazing Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy on The Ancient Art of Tantra is available to view here. You’ll get trained in FOUR powerful techniques — based on 5,000-year-old secrets — to take your relationship and intimacy levels to the next level. Unfortunately Psalm has recently passed away but the recording is still available for … Read more

Breaking Past The Taboos Of Sex And Intimacy

In this short talk filmed at Mindvalley’s “Awesomeness-Fest”, sexuality and intimacy coach, Psalm Isadora explains why having healthier beliefs around sex can help us connect more intimately with both ourselves and the people around us. And through her K.I.S.S. meditation technique, you’ll learn how to create deeper and more meaningful connections with your partner and … Read more