The Power of Incantations

“God’s wealth is circulating in my life. His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, goals and desires are met instantaneously through infinite intelligence. For I am one with god and god is everything.” – Tony Robbins One of the things we often hear about when learning about the law of … Read more

Beautiful Wealth Creation Vision Board

A beautiful wealth creation vision board for you today from our friends at All is One. I love these as they are such a powerful tool to raise your mood and vibration. Simply find some headphones and take 10 minutes to tap in and tune yourself to some good feeling emotions. *Again, a good tip … Read more

How Do You Serve ?

“Your economics and how they flow to you, are about the energy that you are flowing outwards, to others! In other words, it´s what you´re offering! What you are receiving, and what you are offering are the SAME! They are vibrationally equivalent. And if you can think in terms of the service that you are offering … Read more

Your Role

“Imagine you are the head of a corporation. You have built it. It is your business and there are 100,000 people working in your corporation somewhere. There are computer experts. There are manufacturers. There are inventors. You have bookkeepers. There are all kinds of people that play different roles in this massive organization, and you … Read more