Let It Go And Trust

“We think that the best affirmation that you could offer to yourself in order to more and more trust the process is to say things to yourself like …. “It always works out.” “I’m doing just fine.” “I clearly know how this all works.” “I am aware of the way I feel.” “When it really … Read more

Stop Pushing Against Yourself

“Imagine going down to the rivers edge, it’s a fast moving river, and you take your canoe , you put into the river, paddles already inside and you deliberately point your canoe upstream and begin paddling very hard. And we always say when we see you do that …. “Why not turn it around and … Read more

You Came To Thrive

Say …. “I came to live it, I came to be it, I came because I am it. And I came to live some diminishment in order to know that diminishment is not my path. I came to thrive, to teach through the clarity of my own example. I didn’t come to cower, and suffer … Read more

No Matter How It Looks

“You have the ability to think, and feel, and watch what happens. And then think, and feel, and watch what happens. It’s so wonderful to be in mindful, deliberate control of your own vibration. Because things are always working out for you no matter how it looks at any point in time. Things are always … Read more

It’s The General Statements

“Move it in your mind so that the abundance that you are feeling holds no absence, that causes resistance in the mix. It’s the vibration of appreciation. It’s the “Things are always working out for me.” It’s the general statements. “I don’t know how it’s gonna get here or when it’s gonna come or where … Read more

Powerful Manifesting Exercise

“Take three separate pieces of paper and at the top of each page write one thing that you want. Now take your first paper and beneath the subject of what you are wanting write …. “These Are The Reasons That I Want This.” Write whatever comes to your mind. Whatever flows forth naturally, do not … Read more

If You Want It Urgently

“Could you find yourself out in the garden under the pear tree feeling urgent about the pear ripening ? “I’m afraid I’m going to miss you. You’re going to ripen while I’m away and the birds will eat you.” And so the reason that doesn’t feel urgent in the same way is because you don’t … Read more

Look Forward

“You have to look forward. You have to begin to tell the story, no matter what the subject is, on where you are going, not where you are. On where you’re going, not where you’ve been. We really want you to hear this. So when someone says ” How’ve you been ?” You want to … Read more

Everything Is Vibration

“So as you come to understand that you live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics, and that at the very core of your being you are vibrating at what could only be described as perfection in vibrational balance and harmony, then you begin to understand vibration in the way we are projecting it. … Read more

Music Is An Easy Way

“Music is an easy way to where you want to be. In your physical environment where you are interpreting vibration through your physical sense, the most resonant vibration is that of sound. As you listen to some music that offers a rhythm for breathing it will diffuse your chaos much quicker than if you tried … Read more