The “Illusion” Can Be Whatever You Want !

“Everything that you see is illusionary, anyway. And the illusion can be whatever you choose it to be. Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary,weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical … Read more

Two Steps To “Rewire Your Brain”

You’ve heard all about how the law of attraction works… You attract more of what you think about. Your thoughts become your reality. The problem is that changing those inner thoughts can be difficult. You need to get clear on what you really want. You need to visualize better. You need to think more positively. … Read more

Every Day Gets Better

“Every day gets better, because every day you get clearer. It is natural that the day after this day is better than this day. And if anything other than that is happening, it’s because you are practicing thoughts about stuff you don’t want and holding them as active vibrations in your point of attraction, and therefore preventing the … Read more

All Is Well

“All is well, and you will never get it done. Life is supposed to be fun! No one is taking score of any kind, and if you will stop taking score so much, you will feel a whole lot better — and as you feel a whole lot better, more of the things that you … Read more

What 2018 Holds For You

As you may already know, 2018 is an “11” Universal Year… ( 2 + 0 + 1 + 8) And, while it’s incredibly important for you to understand the unavoidable energies influencing every single person on the planet this year… There’s another arguably much more important number you should pay very close attention to: → … Read more

Manifest Abundance While You Sleep ?

Imagine being able to slip on a pair of headphones and have your frequency and vibration automatically and effortlessly raised to match abundance and prosperity. Whilst subliminally implanting your subconscious with powerful new beliefs that allow the things you really want in your life to be drawn to you…… Watch this video from our friend … Read more