Be Positive Minded

“You don’t have to be locked on 100 % or 90 % or 80 % or 70 %. Do you know if you are locked on 51 % and locked off 49 %, things are manifesting in your experience ? Imagine what 60 % locked on would yield to you. Get up to that and … Read more

Alignment Beats Everything

“What could be more productive than being in alignment? Alignment trumps EVERYTHING! One who is in alignment with that broader perspective, is more powerful than millions who are not! That´s where ALL of your leverage is! That´s where your divine ideas are received by you! They are always being revealed to you, but you are … Read more

Allow It

“Don´t try to push it! And don´t try to “make it happen”. ALLOW IT! Allow it. Because, you can make a lot happen! You can. You can MAKE a lot happen, but it´s MINUSCULE, in comparison to what you ALLOW. You don´t have to define precisely the avenue through which your Wellbeing will come. Because … Read more

A Meditation To Raise Your Vibration

“Meditation is the closest process to quantum-leaping that we know. Because deep breathing is a big part of your well being. It is the current that carries the vitality to the cells. And so, the more you are breathing, the more you are thriving.” – Abraham Hicks We all know that we should be meditating … Read more