Fly Through the Air

“Have you ever seen the acrobats on the big trampolines, or the people in the circus on the big bounding nets? And they hit that net and they spring forth into flight. Well, the moment that they hit the net, that’s like the platform of your life. But it is the flying through the air … Read more

Energy Medicine: Secrets Of A Master Practitioner

Many of us understand that energy is everything. However, do we fully understand how to leverage this energy for healing and personal transformation? Energy is the body’s very best medicine, and it is always available to us, but Energy Medicine legend Donna Eden believes that we have long forgotten how to utilize this powerful medicine, and … Read more

You Are Creators Of Worlds

“You are Creators of Worlds. You didn’t come to create trucks and, and… stuff. You are Creators of Worlds. You are Creators of concepts. You are Creators of people living together in joyous harmony. You are Creators of people living on the planet in their joyful rightfulness. You are Creators of children waking up and … Read more

Brush and Prime

One of the main problems we encounter when we try and form new and empowering habits is consistency. We are hardwired as human beings to resist change. We prefer the comfort of “what we know.” But if we want to create change and improved experiences in our lives what are the best ways to get … Read more

When You Trip

So, sometimes you have something that you’ve tripped on. And you think, “Oh, man. I thought I was doing better than this. I thought I was way past this.” But what if this thing that you tripped over is just a piece of something bigger that you didn’t even know was there? And now you’ve … Read more