If You Could Appreciate

If you could just be in a state of appreciation more consistently …. You’ll notice a chronic alignment with the vibration that we would translate into appreciation, you seeing the world through the eyes of Source. What you’ll notice is the world spinning in perfection. What you’ll notice is that what you want is surrounding … Read more

You Are Awesome

” Stop trying to prove your worthiness, which is, we love you so much, UNPROVABLE. You cannot prove your worthiness. Because, every time you try, you disconnect from everything that KNOWS your worthiness. Every time you try to defend, you disconnect from everything who KNOWS your value, you see. You know what the Source within you is chattering? “You’re … Read more

Who You Really Are

“You are the most worthy of beings who have existed anytime, anywhere and well-being is the legacy that is promised to you. And the entire universe is conspiring to work things out for you- and they are working out for you. You are the manifestation long dreamed of. You are the manifestation bringing endless satisfaction … Read more

What to Do if You’re in a Low Vibration

Let’s face it, 2020 has had us all  feeling a bit more out of sorts than ever before. It’s probably now more than ever the time to be getting a grip of our vibration and trying to remain calm and centered as the storm swirls around us. So how to go about raising our vibration … Read more

How To Ask The Universe The Right Way

“The “WHY?” will hold you on the momentum of your desire, longer. The “HOW?” almost every time will take you out of it.” – Abraham Hicks  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏  We all know that getting clear on what we want and putting it out into the Universe is the first step in manifesting what we want. But how … Read more

You’ve Got Friends In High Places

“When you´ve got some momentum going, so that you are up to speed with those artists, those masters of creation, and you allow yourself to be the receiver of their impulses. When you allow the great masters to paint THROUGH you, to sculpt through you, to live through you in that moment, and that thrill … Read more

Be Unapologetic About What You Want

“The reason that I want it…is BECAUSE. Because I want it! Because life pointed it out to me. I liked the way it smelled. I liked the way it looked. I liked the way it felt. I like the way it dovetailed, with me! Because, it´s the next logical step. Because it´s natural, because I´m … Read more

Get “Unstuck”

“Sometimes we hear you say “I’m stuck.” And we say “No you’re not stuck, because you cannot stand still. You cannot stop emitting a vibration, so it is not possible you are stuck. Instead what is happening is, that you are creating the same thing over and over again.” – Abraham Hicks  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏  We all … Read more

Your Natural “Biorhythm”

“The path to what you want has already been revealed to you. In other words, the path to get you from where you are to where you want to be is already known by Nonphysical and is already being shined for you.” – Abraham Hicks  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏  What if there was a specific life path attached … Read more

17 Seconds of Thought

“17 seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 2000 hours of action. If you are working a regular 40 hour a week job, that is about what you work in a year. 17 seconds equals 2000 action hours. If you can cross the 34 second mark, you can multiply your action by ten, 20.000 action … Read more