Every Day Gets Better

“Every day gets better, because every day you get clearer.

It is natural that the day after this day is better than this day.

And if anything other than that is happening, it’s because you are practicing thoughts about stuff you don’t want and holding them as active vibrations in your point of attraction, and therefore preventing the Universe from yielding to you.

The Universe is yielding it, you are preventing yourself from reaching out and taking it.

The art of realization, the art of feeling good,
the art of being happy, the art of not trying so hard,
the art of lightening up, the art of trusting in who I am,
the art of believing in the adoration that source has for me,
the art of feeling worthy, the art of being blessed,
the art of getting a good idea,
the art of knowing which way to turn,
the art of feeling the compliment and taking it in.

The art of giving the compliment and really meaning it,
the art of appreciation, the art of love, the art of fun,
the art of humor, the art of timing, the art of exhilaration,
the art of vitality, the art of clarity, the art of self realization,
the art of being in the right place at the right time,
the art of acknowledging timing,
the art of being present, the art of feeling the wholeness of who I am,
the art of being all that I am,

the art of being out here on this leading edge with all
that I am flowing through me, the art of rendezvous,
the art of recognizing rendezvous, the art of sniffing it out,
the art of knowing the path,
the art of realizing I was off the path and doing something about it,
or the art of knowing that I am off the path and not doing anything about it-
and proving that I am off the path, that’s good too.

The universe reflects back to you what you feel about you.

The art of feeling about myself the way that source feels about me.

And then allowing the representation of that self awareness and self appreciation to shower down around me.

When you start appreciating, and really meaning, everyone that has everything that you desire, then you are there.

Everything that you want to experience in a more detailed moment to moment basis, you can get there so quickly just by observing those who are there and appreciating their now-ness in that.

Alignment is clarity, and clarity is fun.

Clarity is timing, clarity is detail, clarity is precision, clarity is excellence, clarity is expansion!

By fun we mean, fullness, wholeness, all-ness, bigness.

You’ve come to demonstrate how the universe works.

You’ve come here for the manifestation of consciousness.

That is what your physical body is.

Your physical body is a manifestation of consciousness.

And when you are deliberate about your participation in this, then and only then, are you fulfilling your reason for being here.

And your reason for being is the enjoyment of life.

Because nothing is broken, there is nothing to fix, what it is all about, is your personal pleasure in living life and arranging the properties of the time space and non-space and non-time reality into something that means something to you.” Abraham Hicks  ❤️  


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