Your New Story About Money

Tell the story the way you want it to be….

“I don´t think money is the path to all happiness, but I don´t think it´s the way to evil, either!

I think it´s the path to freedom!

I think, that within more money, there are more choices!

And in more choices, there is more fun.

And I like the idea, of making decisions about what I want to do, based on how it feels to do it- rather whether I can afford to do it or not.

I like the opportunities that more money opens to me.

And so, I don´t think I´m just excited about the veritable fortune that´s waiting for me, I think I’m excited about what that MEANS to me, and my family.

What that MEANS, to those around me. What that MEANS, in the way I view life.

What that MEANS, to the way I experience life.

It is exciting to think about those kinds of changes!

I love my life in so many ways, but I can see how this money, that is on it´s way to me, will enhance my life in this way and this way and this way!

-An extra 100$ today would mean THESE changes.
-An extra 1000$ today would mean THESE changes.
-If I were allowing in an extra 100 000$ this year, I would do THIS with it.
-If I allowed in an extra 500 000$ every year, oh, that would mean- I would live over THERE.
-And that means, I would drive THAT.
-And that means, I wouldn´t work THERE!

In other words, just play with it in your mind! Envision!” – Abraham Hicks


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