The Stream

Do you ever feel like you’re paddling upstream ?

Like you’re bucking the current and that the stream of life is beating you up as you go down ?

Like things should be easier, more ease, more flow ?


Check out today’s video from Abraham-Hicks on how to turn and go with the stream of life.

“We want you to know something and it’s worth writing this down.

‘Nothing that you want is upstream.’

Nothing that you want is upstream. And the reason that we know that is that we’ve seen the cycle of life. We know that source extended itself here into that which is you. And we know that you are asking as a result of your leading edge experience, just like you knew you would, of more. And we know that source is becoming that more that you are asking for and is calling you to it.

So we know the source of the stream.

And we know that when you turn and go with the stream you feel ever so good. That’s what positive emotion is.

And we also know that when you buck that current, it can beat up on you pretty good. That’s what negative emotion is.

We want you to understand that there is only one stream that you might be going with or against but there is only one stream.”

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