When You Trip

So, sometimes you have something that you’ve tripped on.

And you think, “Oh, man. I thought I was doing better than this. I thought I was way past this.”

But what if this thing that you tripped over is just a piece of something bigger that you didn’t even know was there?

And now you’ve tripped over it, you are alert.

What if, whether it feels good or bad, you are always being guided to the path of least resistance.

What about that?

Are you with us a little bit?

Because sometimes we think you come here, expecting that we expect you to just get on the good feeling path and just stay there all the time.

Like it’s inappropriate for you to experience negative emotion.

And we don’t feel it is inappropriate for you ever, to experience negative emotion.

Your emotions are your emotions.

They are all-what-is, helping you to find the way.

Of course, we want you to feel better and better and better.

But we want you to stop beating up on yourself when you don’t feel good about something.

Because it’s all part of the discerning of what the path is.

And sometimes things happen that bring you clarity, that cause you to think about things, that you weren’t thinking about before, that are shedding light on greater things, that are really, really, really important to you!

Because, and this is the thing that we want you to understand.

This is the thing that we want you to hear and know.

We want you to feel this about you in the way we know it about you.

Things are always working out for you.

They’re always working out for you.

There’s never some sinister plot to prevent you from what you want.

And even though there are those who absolutely feel at times like they are thwarting you and making things harder than they need to be, isn’t it nice to know, that so you can step around them next time?” – Abraham Hicks


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*Image by dexmac on Pixabay*

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