The Genius of Einstein

By any measure you care to mention it’s pretty clear that Albert Einstein was a genius.

His work developing the theory of relativity and his E=mc2 formula ( dubbed the world’s most famous equation ) have had as profound an effect on the human race as anything in our history.

Literally changing the way we see the world and all life on it.

But what has that got to do with the law of attraction ?

Check out the video here

You see, we have all picked up certain ways of thinking as we have started out in life.

Things like.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“No pain no gain.”

“Money is the root of all evil.”

Whether we actually believe those things or not, they have become ingrained from society around us.

Even on a subconcious, sub-atomic level.

But what if we could change that ?

Quickly and easily.

On the sub-atomic level.

With just 15 minutes a day ?

It just takes a different way of thinking and the understanding that this doesn’t have to be difficult.

Check out the video here.

P.S. Einstein was actually a law of attraction pioneer. As another of his most famous quotes says:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Watch the video to see how Einstein’s principles and sub atomic particles can help you change your life in just 15 minutes a day.

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