Activate Self Healing & Positive Transformation

Check out the 528 Hz Solfeggio Sleep Music from our friends at Meditative Mind.

Designed to help you get quality sleep with silky smooth positive energy music based on Solfeggio frequency 528Hz for self healing & positive transformation.

There is a full 9 hour long free video so just put it on before you nod off and enjoy the benefits.

And if you have not already done so check out the unique line of “Wearable Wellness” products from our friends at Body Align designed to help keep your body perfectly balanced and functioning optimally.

They have some pretty awesome stuff from EMF protection discs for your cell phone to their Ultimate Wellness Band infused with over 300 frequencies from the highest quality sources.

You can also get a special 20% discount for subscribers of this blog. Just use the code SecretLOA20 at checkout.

Check out the “Wearable Wellness” product range here 




*Image by Jennyzhh2008 on Pixabay





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