Apply This One Missing Piece

“We want so much for you to know …..

That everything that you want has been so clearly played out and understood, and is so tended to, and the co-operative components have already been rallied.

That when you apply this one missing piece, which is a vibration of trust, that has no real evidential reason for it, it’s a law based reason …..

Because you know that you are a vibrational being,

You know that law of attraction is responding,

And you know that you are source energy in a physical body,

And you know that you’ve come with great reason and purpose,

And you know that you have launched rockets of desires,

And you know that source is on it,

And you know that things are always working out for you.

As you know with everything that you are, these general things, then every subject that you’ve ever requested anything about will come into your realisation, and THAT is exactly the way it is supposed to be.”

 Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫 

Check out the powerful quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “Apply This One Missing Piece And You Will Be Unstoppable.” 

What if it were possible to change our manifesting game and point of attraction with just 60 seconds of focus ?

Check out the video from our friend Dave Sanderson at Ultra Manifestation.

Dave’s 60 second “Ultra Manifestation” method begins rewiring the neural connections in your brain so that you’ll automatically manifest all that you desire in life…

While simultaneously actively repelling what you do not desire…

Kick starting the alignment of your subconscious with the most powerful hidden law of the universe.

It might just change the way you look at the law of attraction, personal development and manifestation forever….

Click here to watch the video.




*Image by Jaesub Kim on Pixabay*

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