Before Coming To Earth

“Before coming to earth you said….

“I’ll go forward into my physical experience and I will remember that the larger part of me remains non-physically focused.

And I will look around the environment and I will see things wanted and unwanted and it will help me hone a clear understanding moment by moment of what I most prefer.

And then I will focus in the direction of my preference until I accomplish vibrational alignment with my own Inner Being.

And when I do that, my Inner Being who knows the fullness of what I’m asking for, and knows the path of least resistance for me to get there, will feed to me – moment by moment in real-time – ideas and impulses that will lead me joyfully along the path to the full unfolding of what I want.” Abraham Hicks  🌏 ❤️ 🙏💫

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*Image by moritz320 on Pixabay*

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