Bless Those Who Are Finding Abundance

“You cannot receive vibrationally something that you are not a vibrational match to.

And so, bless those who are finding abundance.

And in your blessing of them and their abundance, you will become abundant, too.

But in your cursing of their abundance, you hold yourself apart from it.

It is a law – it is a powerful law.” – Abraham Hicks

I’m sure we’ve all be brought up with similar ideas that have been passed down to us around the subject of money.

Things like…

“You can’t be spiritual and wealthy”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Having plenty of money is greedy”

Etc, etc, etc…..

But surely not having enough ourselves does not give others more.

It just creates more lack, negativity, fear and decline in our world instead of more abundance, love, joy, freedom and opportunity.

As one of our favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham Hicks say…

“Some say that you should not want money at all, because the desire for money is materialistic and not Spiritual.

But we want you to remember that you are here, in this very physical world where Spirit has materialized.

You cannot separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is Spiritual, and while you are here in these bodies, you cannot separate yourselves from that which is physical or material.

All of the magnificent things of a physical nature that are surrounding you are Spiritual in nature.”

So while we are here on this magnificent planet it would probably be a good idea to marry those spiritual and physical sides of ourselves.

Our friend  T. Harv Eker, the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Secrets of The Millionaire Mind (with over a million copies sold), and creator of the globally successful ‘Millionaire Mind Intensive’ seminars, is one of the greatest millionaire-makers the world has ever seen.

Using the exact principles he teaches, Harv himself went from zero to millionaire in only 2.5 years.

Prior to that, during his 12 years of struggle, he vowed that should he ever get rich, he would help others do the same.

He kept his promise — and has already helped over 1.5 million people move closer to their goal of financial freedom.

If there’s one person who can drastically cut down the time it’d take you to attract wealth and freedom, this is him.

In this brand new masterclass, Harv will reveal – for the very first time – the 8 Millionaire Blocks that stop you from becoming both spiritual AND wealthy :

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