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“Don’t talk yourself out of wanting something just because you haven’t figured out how to get it.

That’s the biggest flaw, that’s the biggest vibrational inaccuracy that goes on in your vibration all the time.

So, we know that more prosperity is what you want, the reason we know it is because we’ve seen your vortex.

It’s full.

You have enough prosperity in there to keep yourself going for 20, or 30, or 40 lifetimes.

And there is no reason that it cannot flow into your experience now….

You just gotta get into the vibrational frequency of the vortex which is where it is.

The trajectory of source which is where it is.

You’ve just gotta bring yourself up to a consistent vibrational level with it, so it can move in realized fashion into your life experience.”  –  Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 

Check out the awesome video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “Claim It. Forget About How It Will Manifest.” 

How would you like to be able to slip on a pair of headphones 🎧   and have your frequency and vibration automatically and effortlessly raised to match your natural state of abundance and prosperity 💸

Whilst subliminally implanting your subconscious with powerful new beliefs that allow the things you really want in your life to be drawn to you.

Check out the video from our friends Skye and Alex at Manifestation Magic 💫

👉 Watch the video here

“I’m not worthy”… becomes…. “I’m unique and powerful.”

“I don’t deserve it”… becomes…. “I effortlessly receive.”

“I’m a failure” ….is replaced by “I can accomplish anything.”

Limiting, subconscious beliefs get reprogrammed and vibrational blocks vanish.

That have sometimes been there for a lifetime.

It is a powerful shortcut to raise your vibration.

✅ There are no books to read.

✅ No courses to study.

✅ And no exercises you must practise before you see results.

Maybe the Universe has a message for you today that it’s time to let this be a little easier  😀

👉 Go here to watch the video



*Image by ChiemSeherin  on Pixabay*



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