Crazy Money Mindset

“It’s not thinking about money, money, money, money, money that’s gonna bring you money.

It’s being nicer about this, it’s about freer about this, it’s smiling more about this.

It’s about loving this one more, it’s about letting go of that grudge.

It’s about activating the things about you and about others that feel good when you do it.”   Abraham Hicks 🌏 ❤️ 💫  🙏 

The crazy counter intuitive thing when it comes to our law of attraction journey is that sometimes it’s about NOT thinking about the things that we want that allows them to come.

Sometimes there’s just too much resistance when we think about it.

Money often being a prime example.

Isn’t it great to know that we can just let this be easier ?

Check out this powerful quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “Crazy Money Mindset . Vibration Shift To attract Money !”

P.S. Did you know that Abundance, Prosperity , yes …. Money has a vibration ?

And that you, whether you realise it or not, have a vibration about Money ?

When our money vibration is low … money is repelled away.

If your money vibration is high … money flows into your life easily in abundance.

This is why some people have more money and opportunities than they can keep up with.

Money has a vibration. And you have a vibration ABOUT money.

These are connected like a water hose between your subconscious mind and the flow of money.

If the water hose is kinked or blocked, money will only trickle into your life.

But if the hose is straight, like water, money will flow with speed and power.

And the good news is that you can change your money vibration set-point to high you change the flow of money into your life.

Raise your money vibration, increase the flow of money into your life.

Check out the video below from our friend Croix Sather on how to discover what your Money Vibration Set-Point is and more importantly …… how to raise it !

You may remember Croix from the news, he is the only person in the world to run 100 marathons plus give 100 keynote speeches in the same 100 consecutive days and he is certainly one of the world’s foremost experts in how to align the emotional , mental and vibrational components of success.

Check out the video here.





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