“So, here is the thing that we want you to hear from us. This is the leading edge piece, that we are on, these days.

Since there is a consciousness there, that KNOWS in greater detail than you do right now, all of the things that you do want. ALL the delicious possibilities and probabilities, along the way, for you.

And what you are wanting to know is, how can you be more REALIZING, or, how can you help them, along the way?

The answer is: STAY OUT OF THE WAY!

We´re asking you to DAYDREAM.

And, as you catch a glimpse of it, and it is SO pleasant to you, that you just softly – without trying to make anything happen, let it play out, in your mind.

So, that you catch a five-second-glimpse, or a ten-second-glimpse, of what the possibility, probability, CERTAINTY of this vibrational reality is!”Abraham Hicks

We all know about the power of our thoughts and feelings when it comes to the law of attraction.

Yet so many of us still struggle on keeping our thoughts on what we actually DO want.

Our minds wander and we habitually tend to fall back into our old negative ways of thinking.

So how do we go about guiding our minds to the thoughts that actually help us on a more consistent basis ?

Check out this video from our friend Wesley Virgin.

7 years ago Wesley had just been released from the army and was driving a non-registered beat-up bucket of  a car with a suspended license and $3.20 on his debit card.

But during his time in the army he had been trained in high level “mind control” techniques used by the CIA and others who understood the immense power of the human mind…

And how to harness it.

Check out the video to discover how success starts in your subconscious mind…and in changing the limiting beliefs that have lived there…for years…maybe even decades.

Acquiring wealth and success doesn’t happen…until you change how your mind is already programmed.

Wesley’s video shows the powerful “mind hack” that he picked up during his time in the army that he used to train and condition his thoughts to turn his life around from flat broke to being featured in Forbes magazine.

And the heartwarming moment he presents his parents with a cheque after having his first big success.

Check it out here.



*Image by JL G on Pixabay*



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