Don’t Lose Hope

“Discouragement can creep in secretly, and tell you life is not worth living. If you listen at discouragement, you will wonder if you’re ever going to get out of what you’re into. There are moments that try the human soul, so violently and so perplexit that if the truth were told, all of us have had moments that we wanted to throw up our hands and walk away.

But don’t make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance.

You don’t like where you’re at? Don’t worry about it. It’s just a step. You don’t like how you feel right now? Stop crying. It’s just a step.

Don’t deviate.

All you have to do to win this battle, is stay on track. You can’t judge your life by where you are in this moment. Do you not know that where you are will pass? What you’re worried about will pass? Don’t you understand that one day you’re gonna look back and laugh at the thing that kept you up all night? Don’t you understand that it’s not nearly as major as you thought it was?

You can live without your house, you can live without your car, you can live without your friend, you can live without your husband, you can live without your wife.

I measure the value of a man by how hard he presses. How hard you press, tells me how hard you hit.

Energy is measured by motion.

That’s why the devil wants you to sit. “Sit down. Shut up. And feel sorry for yourself.”

But you ought to blow the devil’s mind this morning. Just when he thinks he’s got you down, you ought to shock him and press.

You better not start crying on the steps. You better not give up on the steps. You better not collapse on the steps.

I don’t care whether it’s sunshine or rain, pleasure or pain, when you get up in the morning, put your pants on and press.”

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