Every Moment Is A New Starting Point

“The way that momentum works is that when you are sleeping you have a reprieve of the momentum.

In other words, the beliefs are in suspension while you sleep.

Which means the momentum of them, the law of attraction momentum of them is slow to non-existent depending on how well you are sleeping.

So what that means is, when you awaken in the morning you have the opportunity to re-establish, if you want to, a vibrational starting point that law of attraction will begin to respond to right away.

Now usually when you wake up in the morning you remember what you were thinking about yesterday or more important, you re-achieve the emotional feeling place of what you were feeling yesterday.

It’s like …..

“Oh yeah I remember, I’m not happy.”

“Oh yeah I remember, I’m lonely.”

“Oh yeah I remember, I’m confused.”

But what we want you to realise is that you don’t have to be the same lonely today that you were yesterday because that nights sleep changed the momentum.

But when you wake up in the morning and you deliberately , and you do, call those same people, talk about those same things, focus in the same ways, you re-activate much as it was before.

But you do not have to do that !

And that is the most important thing.

We want you to realise that you are at a new starting point every moment.”

– Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫 

Check out the powerful quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “ Start Fresh. Every Moment Is A New Starting Point.” 

We know on our law of attraction journey that if we want to attract and manifest the things we want in our lives….

We have to match the vibration of them.

Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Love, Vitality.

If you would like to know how much of a match your vibration is to the things you want….

Check out this quick quiz from our friend Stephanie Mulac at Vibration Jumping.



Stephanie found that asking herself the right questions was the key to boosting her vibrations to be a match to the things she wanted in her life.

As Tony Robbins says… “asking ‘the right questions’ is the key to achieving anything you want in life.”

Take the quiz for free here.



*Image by Joshua Choate on Pixabay*


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