When You Feel Something Is Wrong

“When you feel that something is wrong, there isn’t anything to do about it, other than make yourself stop feeling that something is wrong.

Now stay with us for just a little bit, because this is really important.

You see, still with all that you are coming to know about Deliberate Creation, still what’s stuck in so many of your vibrational craws is:

“I still need to control something.

The circumstances need to be adjusted in order for things to go well for me.”

That is never, never, NEVER true!!!

ALL you have to do is adjust your vibration.” Abraham Hicks  ❤️  


What if it was possible to adjust your vibration to tap into non-physical energy…?

To have access to all that it knows.

To be able to master anything you wanted to, almost instantaneously.



A musical instrument.

Even a new language.

Sounds pretty far fetched right ?

Well back in 1970’s Russia a Neuropsychologist called Vladimir Raikov was experimenting with hypnosis on his Moscow students.

He stumbled across a certain pattern that, when triggered, would turn unwitting students… into Einstein-level geniuses.

His technique astounded researchers.

The USA immediately sent over top level government psychologists to uncover how it worked.

Check out the video here, it explains how these techniques were developed by the Russians to be able to master any new skill in minutes.

 In this video, you’ll discover:

* A strange Russian brain experiment performed in 1971 that astounded the global scientific community ~

* How the creator of this experiment, neuropsychologist Vladimir Raikov, used this experiment to turn a group of students into instant musical prodigies ~

* And how anyone can harness this Raikov Effect to master any new skill in minutes.

Again, please keep an open mind!

Watch the video here.

It also sheds light on how you can use this Raikov Effect yourself to rocket your own natural genius levels.



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