Find a Way to Feel It

“So, it’s a feeling thing.

This is the work. In other words, find some way to feel it.

Because, it must be annoying to you when we say, “Well, the emotion is the manifestation, so go get that emotion.” And you say, “Well, I can no more go get the emotion than I can go get the million dollars right now this red hot minute.” And we say, “Well you probably can’t go get the million dollars within the next ten minutes, but we know you can get the emotion.”

So what is the emotion that you’re trying to create here? What emotion are you wanting to manifest?

Let’s say abundance.

But, what does abundance feel like?

Use emotional words that are equivalent to abundance. So you just want to keep massaging it and playing with it because you can’t play with those words and the variety of words that all sort-of speak to it without beginning to evoke the feeling within you. So, as you identify the emotions that you’re wanting to conjure or create, then you can fill it in by saying [for example]

“I want to feel free…”

Now, in some cases we might have said to you, “Can you think of a time that you felt free, or can you think of a time–” But sometimes it’s harder to go there because thinking of a time when you felt free is more specific than just finding the emotion. The emotion really is the first stage of the manifestation. And if you can get there, and you can, just by using productive words…

Keep using abundant-feeling words. Just keep reaching for them until you find some that really click in for you.

 As you gradually train your own thoughts into those of positive expectation, as you align with thoughts of worthiness and Well-Being, as you align with your true power by seeking good-feeling thoughts—you will no longer offer resistance to your own abundance. And when your resistance stops, your abundance will come.

A flood of good-feeling ideas and possibilities will flow to you. Opportunities and propositions will be plentiful. And soon you will stand in knowing amusement that all of this was always there within your reach, but in your resistant state of attraction, you were not yet able to experience it … but then, it came—not because of your struggle but because of your ease.”  – Abraham Hicks  ❤️  


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