Go With The Flow

“We see you, you take your boats down to the river , you’ve got your paddles in them, you put your boat in the water and almost without exception, human dear hearts that you are, you turn your boats upstream and start paddling very hard.

And we say “Why not turn and go with the flow ?”

And you say “Well that just seems lazy.”

You don’t have to keep up with the energy that creates worlds but you’d better be moving in the direction of the energy that creates worlds, otherwise it’s really hard on you.”   Abraham Hicks 🌏 ❤️ 💫  🙏  

Check out this powerful quick video from our favourite law of attraction teachers “Just Go With The Flow And The Universe Will Make It Happen.” 

Do you sometimes think that you may be blocking, consciously or subconsciously, the natural good and abundance that should be flowing easily and effortlessly to you ?

That things should be moving a bit smoother with more grace and flow than they sometimes do ?

It’s a pretty common theme for all of  us on our law of attraction journey to try and justify the good we think should be flowing to us if we don’t think that it is.

This is a bit weird but our friends at  Your Abundance Flow have designed a Personal Abundance Reading and Element Painting to help you visualize and remove your biggest energy blocks to abundance.

Yes, I didn’t know what an element painting was either lol.

Still, it’s something pretty cool and different and it’s 100% free.

Just answer a few questions below 

It’s 100% FREE and you can get yours here.




*Image by tjuusitalo on Pixabay*

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