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My name is Rich Paylor and I am the owner and operator of the site.

After working in online marketing for 15 years I created this site around 5 years ago as a bit of a labor of love to share some of my favorite law of attraction teachings and materials ( mainly Abraham Hicks ), and hopefully connect with some like minded souls as we move into what is going to be a very significant time for the planet.

Basically I am interested in connecting and working with like minded people, businesses and organisations.

Check out the site and the social media channels and feel free to drop me a line and let’s have a quick coffee and a chat over Skype or Zoom. I’m buying 😀  ☕️

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Stay safe, be kind.


P.S. In the meantime, check out my favourite all-time favorite law of attraction business video. Sometimes I think we make things way harder than they need to be lol.


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