How Far Am I ?

“When you say “How far am I from what I want ?”

We say “It isn’t about distance and it isn’t about time either, it’s about vibration.”

And if it’s about vibration then the only way you can translate it into anything relative means it’s about emotion.

So how far you are from anything means how good or not good you feel about it.


So if you say “I’m joyful about this” you’re right on the doorstep of it’s unfolding.

If you say “I’m pensive about it” or “I’m worried about it” or “I’m lonely about it” or “I’m disappointed about it” then you’re far.

But not in terms of distance or time, in terms of vibration.

And the thing about understanding that you’re only vibrationally far away from, only emotionally far away from is ….

You can go to sleep at night and all the engines go to sleep too.

All momentum stops.

And when you wake up in the morning, you’re on this neutral track.

Where you get to decide how far you are from what you want.

So start out “How far away from a good thought am I ?”

Is the thought that you want to have when you wake up.

Because if you wake up and you start complaining right away about what went wrong yesterday then you’re far away again.

But if you wake up and you’re looking for a reason to feel good, then you’re warmer.

If you look for another reason to feel good, then you’re warmer.

Look for another reason and then you’ve got momentum going and then there’s no distance.

And then you’re having good ideas and that translation of a vibration to a thought and a thought to a thing and when that idea occurs to you ….

This is the process of it unfolding !”

– Abraham Hicks   ❤️  

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