How to kickstart success with one simple exercise

“It all started off with taking responsibility, no blame, no shame, no guilt, no justification, no embarrassment. Taking responsibility for my piece of that story and getting clear on exactly what i wanted to achieve. And because I didn’t want to recreate that story, I became something different.”

Check out the short 5 minute video below from The Secret’s John Assaraf  where he shares with you an awesome method for recreating the old stories we often keep repeating that can leave us feeling stuck.

So that you can tell the new self -empowering story and move forwards.

Watch the video below and kick-start your success with one simple exercise.

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1 thought on “How to kickstart success with one simple exercise”

  1. Dear John
    Sitting and listening your words here in Swaziland , I find myself in pit , but listening to you today but listening to you intentively . I am on my way Poverty in Transition Out of that pit

    Thank you

    Carver Pop


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