Just Chill Out

“If you could stop being unhappy about the situation, that´s causing you to change, to get to it!


Instead you wanna BLESS this resistance, because THAT is what´s gonna help, to make the change in you.

That´s getting you alll the way, to this things that you want-to all, that you want to be.

If you heard that, we are so happy!

YOU are the one, changing. You are becoming less resistant, all the time.

And you know how you´re becoming less resistant?

By moving through resistance.

As you move through something that feels like struggle, you make more definition of who you are, and what you want.

As things don´t go quite the way you want them to, you more clearly define what you want.

Now here is the thing- OH OH OH !!

Your definition is not changing that. That´s all there.

What´s changing is the RESISTANCE, in YOU!

Did you hear it that time?

What´s changing is the resistance in you. So you really wanna say:

“Just bring it on! I´m EAGER to learn!
I´m eager to know. I´m eager to grow!
I´m eager to become! I´m EAGER!
I´m eager for whatever it takes from me,
to line up with this.”

And then of course, do all the things we´ve been talking about.

Talk about that, talk about that. Talk about how you think that might feeeel.

Use all the good words, and all the good visualisations that you can, about it.

But MOST OF ALL …..in fact, it´s the most IMPORTANT MESSAGE of ANY WORKSHOP that we´ve ever conducted…..JUST CHILL OUT!!!  – Abraham Hicks


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