Let Go Of The Struggle

“Just sleep more, just bask more, just try less, just lighten up.

Let go, let go of the struggle, let go of the determination to make it happen and try to trust that there’s a larger part of you, infinitely interested in you because it is you, who is tending to all of that good stuff that you have put there, who will call you in!

Just chill and release and play our silly games and bask more and try to meditate a little bit.”Abraham Hicks 🙏  🌏  ❤️  💫

Let’s be honest, most of our stress levels have risen over the past few months.

We’ve all found ourselves not as in control of our thoughts and emotions as before.

And we’ve had to accept that there are things in our lives that we just cannot control, which doesn’t really come natural to us.

But we can control our response.

Our mood, our attitude, our energy, our vibration.

And with all this negativity we are being bombarded with on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever to take the time, to make a space in your day, every day to do this for yourself.

Check out the guided audio below from our friends at Hypnosis Live specifically designed to help you remove stress, worry and anxiety.

Just get comfortable, hit play….and let go  🎧    

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