Let Yourself Off The Hook

“It isn´t wrong to you to choose THIS, rather than THIS!

Or this, rather than this!

That´s why you´ve been born into an environment of contrast!

In a world, where everybody gets to choose!

Where it gets squirrely for you, is where you all sort of get together and try to define what EVERYBODY should choose!

And the you get into fights with each other about who´s choosing what, where if you just understood – 


And when you line up with what you WANT, you find the power to FEEL the fulfillment, and the exultation and the exhilaration and the passion, and the success, and the fulfillment that you are reaching for, you see!

You gotta let EVERYBODY ELSE off the hook.

And stop beating up on yourself, if you choose NOT to play with them.”

Abraham Hicks

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