Music Is An Easy Way

“Music is an easy way to where you want to be.

In your physical environment where you are interpreting vibration through your physical sense, the most resonant vibration is that of sound.

As you listen to some music that offers a rhythm for breathing it will diffuse your chaos much quicker than if you tried to think your way out of it

And when you realise that every songwriter, every music maker has a relationship with their vortex and if you are in the vortex and soaring with someone then you must know that they were in the vortex when they created it and you are rendezvousing on that very, very deep level with them.”

 – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫 


We all know the difference we feel when we put on some of our favourite “feel good” music.

It’s such a powerful shortcut to raising our vibration and feeling good.

Yet we all forget to do it regularly.

This is a reminder to take the time to put on some of your favourites and maybe have a bit of a dance round the living room lol.

It may be the most uplifting thing you do for yourself today.

Also check out this video from our friends at Sacred Sound Healing.

It will introduce you to their powerful “sound of creation” technology to instantly raise your vibration.

Check it out here.





*Image by Ri_Ya on Pixabay*





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