Play This Game With Yourself

“ Play this game with yourself, do it when you’ve got a little struggle going on and use it to guide yourself back onto the roadway.

What’s a really base statement that you could make that’s right at the core of who you are ? 

Things are always working out for me … that might be a little too advanced , you might not believe that.

I’m a good person.

How about this one ….. It is what it is ! ”   Abraham Hicks 🌏 ❤️ 💫  🙏 

Check out this awesome quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers on a powerful game to play with yourself when you feel struggle.

When it comes to the law of attraction we would all like to know what our level of vibration is.

After all the higher we are vibrating the more in alignment we are with the kind of life we want.

Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Love, Vitality …..

These are all high vibrational states of being.

And if we are not a match to that vibrationally we just can’t attract these things into our life.

Check out this quick quiz from our friend Stephanie Mulac at Vibration Jumping ?


Stephanie discovered that in order to attract the things she wanted into her life…

She needed to boost her vibration to the level of those experiences.

And to do that she needed to start by asking herself the right questions.

As Tony Robbins says… “Asking ‘the right questions’ is the key to achieving anything you want in life.”

Take the quiz here.




*Image by Matryx on Pixabay*


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