Receive The Flow

“Instead of worrying about where it’s gonna be, when it’s gonna be, who’s gonna bring it, where it’s gonna come from, how long it’s going to last, how big it’s gonna be….

When you ask those questions that make you wobble, then you don’t do either one of these two things:

You don’t hook up to the energy, and you don’t flow it towards something that is meaningful to you.

 So, if you could just concentrate on the fact, that the flow exists!

And on the fact, that there IS a path of least resistance that is available to you, right here and now, if you could just acknowledge that you have the ability to get on this path and you have the ability to receive the flow!  – Abraham Hicks    💫  ❤️  🌏  🙏   

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to create our reality that we forget that our work as deliberate creators is actually to allow and to receive.

Once we’ve identified what we want our work is to relax into the feeling place of it and know that it’s done.

Not all that easy for beings like us that have been conditioned to believe in action.

If you have not already downloaded it we’ve got something pretty cool for you today from our friends at

It’s a special 19-minute audio MP3 that automatically tunes you right into that manifestational hot spot.

You just have to relax and listen 🎧 

It removes your subconscious money blocks, and installs abundant thought patterns into your brain.

In short, it’ll turn you into a money magnet…

All you have to do is listen.

Oh, and the audio is worth $49.95 — but you can get it 100% FREE here.

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