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Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the immensely successful “Conversations With God” series of books and a renowned spiritual teacher and speaker.

Through his website Neale Donald Walsch, his numerous books and regular seminars, Neale has influenced millions of people around the world.

Following a series of disasters in his life including the breakdown of his marriage and a broken neck that left him unable to work, he found himself homeless and sleeping in a tent in Ashland, Orgeon, recycling cans to buy food.

He began to write to God as a way of venting his frustrations and imploring to know what it would take to make his life “work.”

The answers were then written down, and the process became the “Conversations With God” books, with the first book in the series remaining on The New York Times bestseller list for 135 weeks.

“Be a gift to everyone who enters your life, and to everyone whose life you enter. Be careful not to enter another’s life if you cannot be a gift. (You can always be a gift, because you always are the gift—yet sometimes you don’t let yourself know that.) When someone enters your life unexpectedly, look for the gift that person has come to receive from you..”

Neale also appeared briefly in “The Secret ” talking about the law of attraction although he now feels that the movie has left out a vital piece of information on this subject that he reveals in the clip below.

Neale Donald Walsch – The Missing Piece From “The Secret”

“Seek ye first the kingdom of god, and all else will be added unto you.

I’m not interested in teaching people how to manifest greater income, or the perfect mate or the right house, or the right and perfect job.

I finally got it, that if I spent my life sharing the wisdom, the understanding, the clarity and the love of god, with as many people as I could reach, I would no longer have to search for the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect income, the perfect anything, It would all just crash in on me, and guess what, it did !!

But even if it didn’t, even if it didn’t, it wouldn’t matter.

You don’t find many unhappy people who are spending their lives sharing compassion, patience, understanding, wisdom and love with all those whose lives they touch.”  

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  1. Well, certainly makes me want to watch the secret again and see if that’s true but… Overall the law of attraction and all the “new age” thinking has given me the underlying message of it all comes with gratitude a good heart loving one another etc.… So, the real message is there I think. Just like in everything, you have to look beyond the “front page” as it were.


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