The Amazing Power Of Nature

“The less processed your food is, the less resistance it holds—that is true.

When you get tuned in to this high frequency, this pure positive energy, you’ll be inspired through your path of least resistance.

You’ll be inspired to the food—through the path of least resistance—that will benefit you most.

So it really is a matter of following your bliss, you see.”Abraham Hicks 🙏🌏❤️💫

During the past couple of months we have all, perhaps for the first time, had to ask ourselves the question….

“What if the supply chain stops ?”

For probably the first time in our lives we have gone to a supermarket and the things we wanted to buy were not there.

And this has led so many more of us to start thinking ….

“Maybe it’s time to have a look at the way I eat.”

Check out this video from our friend Dr Nicole Apelian.

You may have seen Nicole on the History Channel’s survival show “Alone” where she survived for 57 days straight in the wild with little more than a knife and the plants she found there.

Nicole also managed to cure her Multiple Sclerosis using her own natural remedies and has helped thousands of people start to live healthier and more self sufficient lives.

If the last few months have caused you to start to think that you would like to take more control of your own and your family’s health….

Check out Nicole’s video





*Image by Bianca Mentil on Pixabay*


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