The Magic Rhonda Byrne

The Magic Rhonda Byrne’s Interactive follow up to “The Secret.”

The Magic Rhonda’s Byrnes 2012 interactive exercise book is a 28 day step by step guide to help you fully integrate the law of attraction principles contained in The Secret.

Below is a video from Youtube that runs through the 28-day process outlined in The Magic.

Day 1 is below and the rest of the playlist is here.

Premise of The Magic Rhonda Byrne’s follow-up to The Secret

The book is based on a mystery of an ancient sacred text. The text is over 2,000 years old and contains secret teachings and information that create simple practices in a person’s life so that they can live their dream life.

Reading the book will take you on a 28-day journey where you will learn principles on a daily basis to open your eyes to a new world. Step-by-step you will learn about the scientific laws that affect the realities that we are creating for ourselves. Once those laws and principles are understood, then it becomes easier for you to apply them in order to begin manifesting the things that you desire.

The Secret Sequel

The principles in The Magic are similar to the ideas in The Secret, and in order to gain the best understanding of these scientific laws, it is a good idea to become familiar with the content in both of the books. First, read The Secret or watch the movie, then begin working through the 28-day journey that is outlined in The Magic.

There are many testimonials and book reviews of people who have enjoyed The Secret and were happy to see The Magic as a follow-up book. People experienced changes in their own lives and attributed those changes to the way they shaped their thinking and actions.

In The Magic Rhonda Byrne spells out the activities that should be completed each day in order to get you closer to achieving your desires. It has been referred to as “where the rubber meets the road,” because it creates actionable steps that can be taken to apply the law of attraction.

The Secret shares the general principles and ideas, and The Magic takes it to the next level by giving the reader specific activities to complete each day.

Using the tools outlined in the book will help you to create world-class habits, which can assist you in the positive transformation that you are looking for. It may be tempting to read the entire book in one sitting, but it is more effective to read one section at a time and apply the ideas as you move through the daily lessons.

The book was specifically designed to give you a set of activities to complete over the period of four weeks.

You can purchase “The Magic” by clicking on the image below.

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne


Rhonda is the bestselling author of The Secret book, and the sequel The Power. Her message is to help people understand that their thoughts and feelings affect the reality that they are experiencing and how it is possible to learn how to shape your thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to attract the things and emotions you want into your life.

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