The New Idea

“You must be on the Leading Edge of thought, or you will not feel satisfied.

You can’t think old thoughts and feel satisfied.

And that’s why now-reality really is old thinking – observing now reality is old thinking.

It’s only the new stuff that’s born out of what you’re observing that is satisfying.

Now reality is like the gum you’ve chewed all the flavour out of. (We keep saying that, but that’s what it’s like.)

It’s the new idea that causes the juices to flow.

The power of your mind is the power that matters.

And all the other stuff you do, is just for the pleasure of enhancing what you´ve really done with your MIND.

And all the real power is the FOCUS.

And for you, to call that “nothing” could not be further from accurate. Abraham Hicks  💫 🌏 

Did you know that everything we see in the world today was at first a thought in someones mind ?

From the Great Pyramids of Giza to the phone, tablet or computer that you are reading this blog post on.

All of it a manifestation.

That began as a thought in someones mind.

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*Image by Alexandra Koch on Pixabay*

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