The Raikov Effect

“You have access to infinite intelligence, do you KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS ?

Law of attraction is your very best friend.

And when you go with the flow of these Universal energies, you will feel your full empowerment.

What fun it is to be physically focused and have the energy that creates worlds flowing through your focus- to assist you in the accomplishment, in the creation of anything that this space-time reality has inspired within you.

Feel that feeling of unlimited-ness, and understand that in anything less than unlimited-ness, there is limitedness that you cannot stand from a nonphysical point of view, because the nonphysical part of you truly understands that you are UNLIMITED.

When you KNOW that you control the vibration that you are offering now you are invincible!

Now there is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have!”

If you could train yourself into KNOWING that what you are wanting is already done, it would be done right now.

When you want it and know it, it is.

When you want it and BELIEVE it, it becomes right before your eyes.

It is the most glorious state of being.”  – Abraham Hicks  🙏 ✅ 🌏 💫


What if we could easily tap into non-physical energy…?

To have access to all that it knows.

To be able to master anything we wanted to learn, almost instantaneously.



A musical instrument.

Even a new language.

Sounds pretty far fetched right ?

Check out this video from our friend Bob Doyle at The Raikov Effect.

It shows the secret Russian experiments conducted in the 70’s by a Neuropsychologist called Vladimir Raikov …..

Which turned unwitting students into Einstein level geniuses, world class musicians, even unlocked super human powers……..while a whole audience watched, all in under an hour.

Watch the video here.



*Image by Michael Siebert on Pixabay*


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