Think Less Feel More

“What you want to do is make active the things that you DO want to experience.

And the easy way to do it is not think your way through it but feel your way through it.

Because your inner being and all that non-physical is, is pulling for you.

Just for a little while, in the moment, try to find out the way you feel and try to find a thought that feels a little better.

Even if you have to change the subject all together.

Don’t you want to hook up with your strongest point of attraction ?

Which is only positive, isn’t that what you want to do ?

Don’t you want to calibrate to your wellness not your illness ?

To your vitality not your lethargy ?

To your clarity not to your confusion ?

To your fun not to your boredom ?

Don’t you want to calibrate to those things that feel good ?

Didn’t you feel a resonance with each and every one of those things we just spoke to you ?

You know what that feels like you see.

And so, it really for most of you is about deciding what I DO want to do rather than working so hard at preventing what I don’t want to do or what I don’t want to have happen.

Your inner being knows where you are. Place . People. Thing.

Your inner being knows where you are in relation to every thing that you want.

Not only knows where you are but knows what the path of least resistance is for you to start moving there.

Your inner being is in the moment with you, knowing what you want and offering you ideas to lead you there.

And if you’re having fun then the bigger thoughts come. Every time.

The simplest, funnest things lead you to the clarity that brings the things that really matter.

And you know that you’ve seen it in your life.

When you’re in a good mood don’t things unfold ? Don’t you find yourself saying “It was like magical.”

And when you’re in a bad mood isn’t that when you stub your toe ?”

 – Abraham Hicks   ❤️  

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 *Image by Sergio Cerrato on Pixabay*

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