This Is A Wonderful Opportunity

“This is a wonderful opportunity for a sort-of, planetary rebooting.

A restructuring of ideas and of priorities.

And while there will be, for sure, what you will call a sort of getting back to what you want to call “normal”, we want you to know…

“Normal” is not ever going to be what it ever was before.

It’s going to be so much better!

Because of the upheaval of your own thoughts, because of the launching of your new rockets of desire, and because of the collective consciousness, the collective vortex that is summoning in a powerful way.

Sometimes when you’re in a situation that you don’t want to be in, you don’t recognize that this situation is helpful in you getting ready, to be ready, to be ready, to be ready for things that you really do want.

You’ve been asking for a lot of things, you as an individual, and you as a mass consciousness, you as a cluster of people, or you as global consciousness.

You’ve been asking for a lot of things, and you’ve been asking somewhat in an attitude of doubt about them, at the same time.

And already you’re beginning to see planetary improvements, clear water in some places, wildlife returning, clearer atmosphere’s, already, things that you have been complaining about not being possible, just with a little bit of adjustment to what’s going on.

You are seeing that there are solutions, ready solutions, ready-to-manifest solutions, and in just that way, there are ready-to-manifest solutions about everything.

Everything that is personal to you, everything that is more broadly asking, that you are more broadly asking for, like things around your family or friends or community.

These are really good times, and we want to say that to you, as we stand in your vortex because that’s the place in which we stand!

 You are on the cusp of a reawakening.

A reawakening to who you are, to all that you are.” –  Abraham Hicks   ❤️  ✅


Do you believe in destiny ?

Do you believe that you are here, at this time for a reason ?

I want to share with you this video from our friend Heather Matthews.

In it she will tell you about the “Destiny Tuning Principle” that so many people miss from the law of attraction and the one thing she believes is the “missing piece” holding so many people back from manifesting the lives they really want….

And living their BIG dreams !!

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Heathers system shows you how to use the “Destiny Tuning Principle” (which is explained in the video) to Tune to your natural destiny of prosperity, happiness, love and more.

Just make sure you use this secret with good intentions and an abundant mindset 




*Image by Arek Socha on Pixabay*

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