What Are You Activating ?

“Everything that you activate in your vibration becomes a truth.

You can make poverty true.
You can make abundance true.

You can choose anything and give it your attention and make it truth.

We say, a novel approach would be to pick things you like and make those true.

But before you’re going to be able to do that, you’ve got to say, “It’s not about what’s true and untrue. It’s about what I choose to activate and turn into truth.”

And we care only about you, harmonizing with the opinion of the Source within you…

Who knows you are magic.
Who knows you are worthy.
Who knows that you can be or do or have ANYTHING.

Who knows that you can establish a point of attraction, and everything else will fill in.

In other words – it will look like magic to those who are watching you, when you find alignment with the fullness of who you are, and practice the vibration of it frequently enough that you know the power of your being.

Everything that you have ever wished or dreamed or hoped for, must become a specifically manifested reality enough that everyone who is looking at you from whatever vantage point they are, will have to admit that you have got some sort of magic going on!

Because you´ll be living entirely differently than almost everybody else.” Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 


When it comes to the law of attraction we would all like to know what our level of vibration is.

After all the higher we are vibrating the more in alignment we are with the kind of life we want.

Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Love, Vitality …..

These are all high vibrational states of being.

And if we are not a match to that vibrationally we just can’t attract these things into our life.

Check out this quick quiz from our friend Stephanie Mulac at Vibration Jumping.

She found that asking herself the right questions was the key to boosting her vibrations to be a match to the things she wanted in her life.

As Tony Robbins says… “asking ‘the right questions’ is the key to achieving anything you want in life.”

Take the quiz for free here.




*Image by StockSnap on Pixabay*



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