What You Want Wants You

“Your angst can only grind so much into place and it’s not that great.

Let it go and find out what true leverage is.

And no, you can never ever, ever, ever, ever EVER let go of your desire.

You cannot let go of your desire.

You know why ?

Your inner being is all over it.

And your inner being knows who you really are.

And your inner being has wrapped itself around all of the desires that you hold and is sending a signal to the Universe, a signal to the law of attraction, a signal of attraction, a point of attraction to the Universe and all of the co-operative components are being gathered for you.

You can never let go of your desire.

Source is beaming for you and at you.

You have no choice but to join in if you want to feel good.”

– Abraham Hicks    ❤️ 


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*Image by Fabien-Pixabay Ambassador on Pixabay*

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