What’s Your Job ?

Sometimes on our law of attraction journeys we can get a little out of whack thinking we have to figure all of this out ourselves.

Well we just wanted to give you a quick quote to help set you up for a nice week ahead if you’re feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed.

And also to help you remember what your job really is on your law of attraction journey.

“Your job is NOT to figure out how it will come!
Your job is to figure out how it feels, AS IT´S HERE!

Get really general. How does it feeel like to have freedom of dollars?
What does it feel like, to have prosperity flowing into your life?
What does that FEEL like? What would- or what DOES that feel like?

And then get really general.

It feels like EASE.

Ease. Ease. Think about ease. Say ease. It feels like ease. Ease. No struggle, ease. No struggle-ease. Ease. Ease. Ease. Feels like fun! Fun. Fun. Feels like freedom, and fun, and ease. Freedom and fun and ease. Freedom. And fun. And ease.

It feels as freedom, and it feels fun, and it feels FREE! And it feels full. It feels full. And easy, and free.

Esther has said to Jerry, “let´s get a coke and pretend we´re on vacation.”

It´s that feeling as on vacation. It feels like waking up and having NOTHING that you need to do! Just that feeling of ease. All my choices. -That feeling.

That feeling of freedom, and ease, and fun. So, stay there for a little while, until you are actually FEELING that!”

 – Abraham Hicks


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